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Johar Town Branch

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Dr-Usman Hameed

Usman Hameed instruction array is Pakistan studies. Has eminent command over subject as being topper in Pakistan in 2019 with the accomplishment of 810 A*s and A’s in CAIE result

Muzammil Mehmmod

Muzammil  Mehmmod attained degree from GCUL in Islamic studies. Has magnificent grip on subject with great experience of 25 years at the O/ A level. His enormous teaching domain includes

Kashif Mahmood

Kashif Mehmood , Urdu mentor in scope encircling immense experience in  LACAS and BSS.  Indicating 113 A*s and A’s in recent CAIE result illustrate his diligent and devoted nature

Syed Jabran Kamran

Syed jabraan kamraan, a physics instructor with gigantic devotedness and management, being topper instructor in Pakistan during 2017. Thus depicting his capabilities by 623 A* s and A’s in recent

Adeel Mowahid

Adeel Mowahid had degree in Math/Add math., Being dynamic mentor in  BSS and LACAS amid his instructive tenure conferred extensive vehemence in the form of 259 A*s and A’s in

Usman Chaudhary

Usman Chaudhary had degree in English. Being dynamic mentor in L.G.S, LACAS (JT) with 11 years experience amid his enlightening tenure conferred extensive ardour in the form of 300 A*s

Muhammad Azizullah

Muhammad Azizullah, Computer science/ICT mentor, has magnificent grip on subject with great experience at the O/ A level. His enormous teaching domain includes Scope and BSS Model town, indicating 42

Fahd Mowahid

Fahd Mowahid , imparting accounting , Business studies, Commerce encountering experience Beacon house, acknowledging massive outcomes indicating 79 A*s and A’s in recent CAIE result.

Kamal Ahmad

Kamal ahmad, possessing substantial experience in chemistry with consistent dedication for the noble cause of education. Depicting determined devotion by gargantuan success in such a conceptual subject by acquiring ……….A*s

Muhammad Farooq

Muhammad Farooq, Tremendous physics instructor having sundry academic experience of 22 years at L.G.S (Gulberg+JT) and Pak Turk being topper in Punjab for massive output.  Dispensing 710 A*s and A’s